TOPSZN Athletes

- Johnny Manziel (Cleveland Browns Quarterback)
- LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers Small-Forward)
- Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota Timberwolves Shooting-Guard)

Newest Member: Megan Rapinoe (US Women’s National Team Soccer Player)

(Source: sizvideos)


Before we enter the new year, here’s a top 10 of the pics on the blog this year. (Ranked in order of most notes)

1. Characters: Batman & Robin Series: DC Comics Photographer: Andrew Browne Cosplayers: Unknown

2. Character: Super Girl Series: DC Comics/ Infinite Crisis MultiUniverse Photographer: Cory Nellon Cosplayer: T. Jakeru Frost

3. Characters: Wonder Woman Series: DC Comics Photographer: Unknown Cosplayers: Unknown

4. Characters: Lumpy Space Princess, Princess Bubblegum, & Marceline Series: Adventure Time Photographer: Andrew Browne Cosplayers:Alica FordeKarissa Harte and Crystal Derrell

5. Characters: Poca-han-solo & Anakin-Rapunzel Series: Star Wars/Pocahontas/Tangled Photographer: Sarah Guichard Cosplayers: Jennifer and Aleu Moana

6. Character: Korra Series: Legend of Korra Photographer: Ken AD Cosplayer: Luigigurl

7. Character: Rule 63! Garterbelt Series: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Photographer:Teknoman Omega Cosplayer: Professor Rocket

8. Character: Audrey Ramirez Series: Atlantis: Lost Empire Photographer: Jamila Clarke Cosplayer: BlackBettie

9. Character: Inspector Gadget Series: Inspector Gadget Photographer: Ricardo X. Toombs Cosplayer: Unknown

10. Charater Nordic Carved Armor Series: Skyrim Photographer: Fev Studios Cosplayer: Fevereon

(If you have any sources for the unkown cosplayers/photographers please PM me. 

The rank only include pics that were uploaded and submitted to this blog. (No reblogs from other blogs were counted)

BREAKING: September 9th will be officially an entire month since the murder of Ferguson African-American unarmed teenage Michael Brown, at the hands of racist Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. In this entire month, Officer Darren Wilson hasn’t been heard from, he has literally disappeared. He still has not been arrested, charged, or indicted in the murder of Michael Brown.




And the beat goes on. These murderers will get their day.







My sister keeps coming into the room and doing this.


The world needs to see this.

The laughing is the killer

why she laugh like she got an eye patch and is tryna take over the world


Lmfaoo i thought my laugh was the worst but that laugh is off the wall


even tho nobody asked me for these…

thatdudeemu tagged everyone so I’m taking that as an invite


i am three years behind in my math homework